About PODE ..


Palestinian Office for Development and Education (P.O.D.E) is a civil, non-profit organization registered under the number of 563146893 at the Ministry of National Economy in Gaza. PODE is interested in developing and advancing the skills of the Palestinian people in the field of education. The organization has been providing its services since Oct. 2009 to Palestinian students and visually disabled. Further, the Palestinian Office for Development & Education is strongly engaged in awareness campaigns and in preserving Palestinian heritage.


Board of Directors Members :

1- Chairman : Ismael Elalami

2- Vice Chairman: Mr. Nidal Barakat

3- Board Member: Lawyer Mohammad Elalami

4- Board Member: Eng. Emad Almasri

5- Board Member: Eng. Najwa Barakah

6- Board Member: Eng. Nashwa Alramlawi


Our Vision :

P.O.D.E aspires to be the premier organization in advancing the field of education in Palestine to ensure the forming of an educated future generation which contributes to a sustainable development in Palestine.


Our Mission :

P.O.D.E is a non-profit organization seeks to provide suitable educational opportunities to Palestinian students of basic and higher education, visually impaired, handicapped, slow learners as well as working women and women of marginalized areas in order to contribute to building a Palestinian society of high cultural and historical awareness and level of education.


Our Goals :

1- To enhance learning skills and abilities of all our students

2- To empower women in the Palestinian society through education, training skills and leadership qualities

3- To provide awareness campaigns and maintain Palestinian cultural heritage for the greater good of the society


Our Objectives :

1- Providing scholarships for students unable to afford university tuitions (only local universities)

2- Conducting educational and awareness trainings for all segments of society in order to advance educational level, diversity and knowledge in Palestinian society

3- Cooperation with local and international universities, holding advanced courses and guaranteeing that required tools are available

4- Providing educational services through innovative techniques and media for the Palestinian society

5- Conducting practical courses in computer literacy, computer maintenance and English language certified from Ministry of Education in Gaza

6- Establishing investment projects to raise fund for PODE (e.g. A4 paper manufacture)

7- Continuing improvement of the organizations' working and management methods and efficiencies

8- Enhancing the skills and developing the capabilities of disabled Palestinians and advancing their integration into the Palestinian society

9- Uplifting the status of housewives in Palestinian society, especially in no-access areas, through enhancing her skills and aware her of her right of education.

10- Widening PODE's services through partnerships and cooperation with local and international organizations




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